Born and raised in Munich, Germany in 1987, Georg started shooting music videos, documentaries and fiction shorts already in high school, before being thrown in the professional world as a lighting trainee in 2008. Finishing his lighting career as gaffer for the first shooting block of the movie „Jack“, directed by Edward Berger, he went to study cinematography at the renowned University of Television and Film Munich (HFF).
In 2022 he completed with his diploma film ALMOST HOME, directed by long-time collaborator Nils Keller, for which he was nominated for the Golden Tadpole in the Student Etudes Competition at the Camerimage Film Festival in Torún.
In the same year, ALMOST HOME won the Student Academy Award in Gold, and in December 2022, he and Nils Keller made the shortlist as designated nominees for the 95th Academy Awards 2023 in the Live-Action Short category.
In addition to his fictional and documentary work, he works as a freelance cinematographer on advertising film productions, which have been internationally acclaimed.
Working both in fictional and documentary film, his studies and, above all, working with his fellow colleagues at film school and in the business, has taught him a lot about telling stories through images. Finding a visual metaphor to tell the story in the best way possible has been his goal ever since picking up a camera.
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